Main Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec

Main Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec

Very early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec are several micro-posts that contain details I’ve obtained over time about quite a few of Quebec’s earliest settlers. The list isn’t comprehensive. It contains surnames from my loved ones trees alongside household woods i have labored on including surnames that appear in my personal very first regions, Metis and Mixed-heritage work.

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Each micro-post begins with marriages from beginning couples. These are acquired at tasks such as the Fichier Origine and BMS2000. I feature connected surnames. Those surnames are mostly derived from my group tree and BMS2000 but I also integrated associated earliest countries or Metis surnames from personal transcripts.

The majority of blogs also provide backlinks to many other info on this great site (example. headstones, matrimony and census reports). Usually I backlink to very first Nations, Metis or mixed-heritage files from my transcribed information such as that surname. Even though the files at issue bring similar surname they may or might not connect to the founding French Canadian people.

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Louis Garnaut try a rogue Garneau and does not match the Garnaud aka Garnault families? Are you experiencing any home elevators him? relationships 1686 (about) RIVIERE OUELLE, QUEBEC (II)-Marie Anne Huot produced January 9, 1666 Riviere Ouelle, Quebec * child (I)-Nicolas Huot dit Saint Laurent b-1629 and Marie Fayette b-1641 **; 1st married Louis Garnaut about 1686; 2nd relationship January 8, 1689 Riviere Ouelle, Quebec Jean Pelletier. Riviere Ouelle, Quebec is 10 kilometers to the west of Kamouraska on the south-side of Saint Lawrence River, * it had been founded in 1672 really odd. **They had been hitched 1662 in Quebec, transferred to Chateau Richer 1662 to 1664 next to Riviere Ouelle 1666 to 1668 after that back to Chateau Richer 1670 to 1680 then to Quebec in 1682. But Nicolas Huot was still detailed at Riviere Ouelle in 1682?

I am interested in feasible ancestors within Kahnawake booking, and found here surnames from my loved ones indexed here: Desjardins, Lafrance, Langlois.

Hello Tina, I don’t cost fees. Everything we is capable of doing is operate off-line via e-mail to ensure no confidential data is contributed in error. After that if we create an association i shall create some thing connected with the surnames at issue from the change in the twentieth-century. We’ll get in touch with your tonight from my home computer. Evelyn

My personal grampa always explained I found myself french canadian my latest title from their side was Lecomb iwas curious should you ever read that name before

Hello Brittny, its nice in order to satisfy you. Lecombe with a hushed aˆ?eaˆ? towards the end certainly happens as a French Canadian surname. If you’d like to you can contact me personally during the soon after email: evelynth at (upgrade with ) i’m very active throughout the further few days planning the event of Postcards but I will get back to you after. Evelyn in Montreal

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I’m after up on the past emails. I am aware that you will be busy, but happened to be your capable of finding everything about this range? I might enjoyed any little tid little bit you could offer.

Hi, my loved ones background was Leblanc, Girard, Sutton and Mcginnis. I pondered when you have swipe promo codes anything on them. I could promote more details on brands and these types of. I also are searching for images of very early gaspe quebec, eg Newport, Chandler, Pabos and Cascapedia. Thanks A Lot Mary